Fashion Photography

The history of fashion photography is lavish and lush as it is supposed to be. Since years the fashion industry has been working and gaining strength because of fashion photographers who are the Superheroes behind every launching collection. Fashion photographers determine how to represent masses a product so it sells to its best. Our fashion photography course allows you to learn how to use a digital camera and the business sense you need to make clientele and increase your chances of landing somewhere extravagant.

Overview of our Fashion Photography Course

At our training school we don’t believe in training by theory only. It can become extremely boring and dry for many students so to eliminate that, we encourage our students to learn by trial and error method where they can experiment with different things and create works of art. Our fashion photography course allows you to gain experience on field so that when you enter your professional life, you are already familiar with the way photographers work. Here are a few things that we train you in:

  • Knowledge about how to handle your camera equipment
  • The science of shutter, aperture, exposure and metering
  • How to compose and direct a fashion photo shoot
  • Knowledge about the light and shadows
  • How to work in a studio with a model
  • Retouching and post processing of the pictures
  • How to market yourself as a fashion photographer

Our fashion photography course has been divided into various modules so that the students can grasp and comprehend everything easily.

Career Prospects & Job Opportunities after our Fashion Photography Course

Every changing season the trends and styles of fashion change too and to present the new and innovative products to the world, designers all across the world require the help of a professional fashion photographer. The job and business opportunities as a fashion photographer are boundless. For instance,

  • You can work with big designers and clothing firms
  • You can work as a videographer for fashion channels
  • You can work with fashion warehouses
  • You can work for a fashion photography studio
  • You can set up your portfolio and start your own business

All these opportunities come your way only when you have attractive and innovative work. Our fashion photography courses teach you how to look for clients and how to market yourself as a fashion photographer to make your presence known to the targeted audience.