Fitness & Active Leisure Courses

We are an organization where you will find everyone with compassion and determination to deliver whatever it takes to educate you when it comes to fitness training. Through our personal fitness trainer courses we equip you up with confidence and courage to train the people who come to you for help. The essential skills that you will gain with us are worth using anywhere throughout the fitness industry. The critical training will lead you towards a professional path that you have always desired.

An insight to the Personal fitness instructor courses we offer
We search for an academic, moral and ethical potential in our students that boosts up the efficiency levels in our instructors to spread knowledge in a much better way. Following are the personal fitness instructor courses that we offer:

  • Metabolic conditioning training course
  • We encourage personal fitness trainers under training to reach their maximum potential to pursue careers that they dream of. Our metabolic conditioning course helps you understand the cleanse that is required in a human body through fitness training.

  • Personal fitness trainer instructor course
  • As the name suggests, in this course we have established various modules for you to grasp the basic and master level skills that are required to take responsibility of someone‚Äôs well being.

  • Exercise to music instructor course
  • Talk about fun, entertainment and dancing, we make you an expert at providing fitness training through musical movements in our exercise to music instructor course.

  • Studio cycling workshop
  • Currently this particular fitness training is highest ranked training in the UK which you certainly need to get a hold on. Our studio cycling workshop prepares you to learn tricks for your clients to get in shape.

  • Gym based boxing workshop
  • We have an exceptional combination of sports with fitness training with which you can fulfil two dream careers at one time with our gym based boxing workshop.

Career options for a personal fitness trainer in the active leisure industry
Talking about career options, there is maximum number of positions that you can fit into after any of these certifications. You can easily start your own freelance personal training by bringing in clientele through the internet or you can work with various health and fitness organizations like yoga clubs, health clubs, gymnasiums, sports clubs etc. as a personal fitness trainer, manager or even a consultant.