Food Photography

Help emerging and existing organizations to increase clientele by providing them with amazing food photography.

Getting started in Professional Food Photography isn’t quite hard. All you need to do is enrol yourself in our Food Photography Course and start creating magic on a plate. Two people are responsible for a billboard worth food photo; the chef behind the food and the photographer behind the composition and shooting. We also offer professional cooking classes and food photography courses so you can become both of those people yourself.

An Overview of our Food Photography Course

Once you start with food photography you realise how amazing of a profession it can become. We teach you all the details and technicalities of food photography and the composition and design of food on the plate. We teach you how do professional photographers find clients for their business and how can you market yourself as a food photographer. Here are a few things listed below that we teach you in the food photography courses:

  • How to shoot Food Photos without a tripod
  • How to compose and design food on the plate
  • How to use props to make your photos stand out
  • How to enhance the colours of food photographs
  • How to use post processing tools
  • How to approach potential clients
  • How to make a business plan as a food photographer

We help you determine your food photography style as well. Some photographers like to take a more minimal approach and others want to have as much as they can on a canvas.

What’s waiting for you After the Food Photography Course?

Food business is a giant as compared to all other businesses. What actually helps these businesses find clientele are the amazing representations of food on their advertisements and menus. Our food photography course prepares you to become a part of a gigantic industry where you can grow and find your way through no matter what circumstances come your way. Here are a few things you can become after your finish the course:

  • Food Photographer and videographer for magazines and TV channels
  • Food Branding Expert for various food chains and restaurants
  • Self-employed owner of a food or a photography business
  • Food blogger for various online clients
  • Food photographer for different food manufacturing organizations

Your options after completing the course are numerous. You can try your luck anywhere you find interesting enough. On average a food photographer makes more than £30,000 per annum presenting this career as both successful and worthy.