LGV/HGV Driver Training

If you are looking to become a professional driver then you might want to go for a HGV training school that has a vision to prepare you for your position and has the right kind of environment for you to train in. luckily, we are one of the right options. Our LGV training standards are high and not only that we exceed the expectations in our PCV bus driver training as well.
Become a professional driver with these training courses
Driver training is more than just a practical subject. Our students get the opportunity to learn the theoretical aspects of becoming a professional driver. Following are the courses that our students can avail.

  • HGV training
  • Every passing year our HGV training processes get better and way more accurate for passing your HGV licence test in the first attempt. Our HGV training sessions are led by experienced instructors who have been working in the industry for years.

  • PCV bus driver training
  • We give all of our students an opportunity to get involved in training for CPC and CAT D licence in order to driver passenger carrying vehicles. It is an ultimate experience that might lead to a full fledge career in the future.

  • Forklift operator training
  • Through our forklift operator training we have provided so many people with rewarding skills of handling heavier machinery. Let us give you amazing opportunities for you to be optimistic about your career in forklift driving.

  • LGV training
  • We have a variety of licence training courses available for our students to enroll in. our CAT C licence training and CAT C1 licence training are popular among people who want to drive heavier vehicles professionally.
    Currently we have four categories for commercial driving licenses that we offer our students:

    Class C (vehicles in excess of 3500kg with trailers under 750kg)
    Class C+E (for vehicles in excess of 3500kg with trailers in excess of 750kg)
    Class C1 (for vehicles ranging from 3500kg to 7500kg with trailers under 750 kg)
    Class C1+E for vehicles ranging from 3500kg to 7500kg with trailers over 750kg)

Career Prospects for a commercial driver
Being a commercial professional driver can earn you up to £30,000 per annum with various benefits and incentives aside. Not only that, you can grow in your position to become a dispatcher or a manager if you are not into driving anymore.